CEDOMIL VUGRINCIC, M.D., Ph.D.
                                           September 2011                                            



“The Word of God is Love. The enactment of the Word of God is service to your brothers

and sisters. Truly, if the Word of God is actively resident within your life, the Fruits of Spirit

are being produced in your life through the Service of Love.”


                                                                                                                Solonia, tml 5/2004




                      SOLAR MULTI-DIMENSIONALITIES – The Human Vortex





It has been demonstrated in the previous Papers that two dominant universe evolutionary procreative energy forms are Male and Female vortexes.


Let us continue further with the discussion of a Paper #105 Genergetics where it was stated that “Because each Male and Female cosmic clock HID has 24 sentinel lines of force (P1 and P2), it would be expected that they will mater-realize 24 pairs of chromosomes. However, as seen in the below presented map of human chromosomes there are 22 paired + unpaired y, x in sperm (M) /22 + (My,Mx)/ and 22 paired + unpaired x, x in ova (F) /22 + (Fy,Fx)/ chromosomes. (P1 – P4)

                                  Male                                     Female

                                    My                                          Fy                   


                                      N                                             N




                                       S                                               S  


 P1                                Mx                                           Fx




                              Mx                                                           Fx

 P2                  M(My,Mx)                                                F(Fy,Fx) 

Picture 2. M(My,Mx) and F(Fy,Fx) enantiomeric HID cosmic clock chromosomal patterns within Male and Female nuclear vortex energy spindles. 


                                   P3. Paired chromosome (two chromatids)



                 P4. Map of human 22 paired and x, y unpaired chromosomes

In discussion of the “human 22 paired and x, y unpaired chromosomes” phenomena it will be important to review again the vortex genergetics of Male and Female PUMA vortexes and their sub-units effect on their Cosmic Clock HID (Hemispheric Interference Disc) focusing on the ports of entry and exit of Male and Female PUMA vortex enantiomeric sentinel lines of force as they reflect on their main cosmic clock HID. (Pictures 5 - 8)

                            Male (M)                               Female (F)


                             Male (M)                               Female (F)


The energy flows in the main Male and Female respective enantiomeric vortex subunits M(My,Mx) and F(Fy,Fx) is presented in below Picture 7.

                           My                                                         Fy


   P7                    Mx                                                         Fx     

                   M(My,Mx)                                              F(Fy,Fx)

The Picture 8 below depicts the Male main action vortex with its upper Male dominant and lower Female recessive subunits and their HID (Hemispheric Interference Disc). Female Main vortex is Male’s inverse re-action enantiomer (mirror image) and for these reasons for Female vortex the inverse (mirror image) energy direction relationships apply.

In order to understand the “x, y unpaired chromosomes” phenomena in humans it will be important here to focus on vortex revolutions and their charge and polarity exchanges at the 00 and 12 sentinel lines of their 24 hour cosmic clock HID.





”Let us behold the Light, that through the forgiveness, finds its way into the great darkness

of this world. Perceive the Light in all your brothers and sisters by fully forgiving each other,

because it is only then that you will see their Light, know the higher Truth, and achieve the

happiness of Brotherhood.”

                                                                                   Michael of Nebadon, tml 5/2004