In Creator’s Image (XIV)


                            CEDOMIL VUGRINCIC, M.D., Ph.D.
                                              May 2007

In the past several Papers and Q-A Papers posted on www.LighttoParadise.com the

basic principles of the uni-verse holographic (whole-graph) vortex have been discussed.

In brief here is what has been stated: 

Tomas (1, excerpt): “…as you pray and as you aspire to make contact with God in heaven, you are creating a vortex in your reaching, understanding in this context that a vortex is energy that goes out and energy that comes in and it focuses on a time-space continuum…

…you are (also) all individually a vortex of energy. You influence your environment with whatever energy it is that you combust within your being. It is possible for this energy to be constructive or destructive, but from a cosmic perspective, the energy that you emit is part of the growing godhead, the Evolving Supreme.

Think of it as the ripple that spreads out when a stone is plopped on the pond. (Picture 1)


                           Picture 1. Stone plop caused ripples in the pond water

The ripple is the effect of your vortex as the Supreme Being is the ripple as a result of God's being at the center of all things. Have you ever noticed that the ripple that goes out eventually returns? And so all energy emits from Paradise, the beginning of this great energy vortex. Along with it is infinite love, and it spreads out throughout the Grand Universe and even beyond. It permeates time and space and its ripple comes back in and through the Supreme Being. The vortex, then, you see, is the energy that goes out and the energy that comes in.”

Monjoronson (2, excerpt): “…As participants and fellow co-creators in the process you are in fact engaged in the process of sharing both ways, as you say the download and the upload, this is your contribution to the Supreme indeed as well as the Supremes contribution to you…This is as well a cyclical process that you engage and then release as your energy to be engaged rises and wanes and throughout this entire growth process…”

Christ Michael has stated further:

“…you gave me a wonderful picture in your analogy of a ripple effect. I envisioned a pond so absolutely still on a bright sunny day that you forget it is water. All you can see is the clouds overhead scurrying by on the surface. So it seems that you are looking through some kind of transparent dimension into the sky itself with its clouds flying by. Then you drop in a pebble and all of a sudden you become aware of water. It’s not the sky. These holographic vortex interference ripples are in something that only a moment before was transparent. (Picture 1)

So with your little granddaughter landing upon you, you perceive all these ripples of life going out to all the folks involved. (Picture 2)



Picture 2. The interference pattern (“ripple effect”) between two transmitting/receiving (T/R) centers/wheels                                                                                                     

And this does give you a sense of a very real connecting dimension that is usually transparent--what we call spirit--the dimension that is tying everyone together no matter how disparate they are, or even unknown to each other. These 1º ripples and (-1º) counter-ripples, and 2º ripples and (-2º) counter-ripples etc. are all bouncing back and forth and influencing each other. In your moments of stillness you can sense all these ripples bouncing around inside your mind--all a wonderful appreciation of the interconnectedness.

Then they subside and are still, until once again you have just one single transparent spirit-God--including everything invisible, until another creation of his springs forth and sets the ripples to going again.

And so these invisible interference rippled dimensions of his become palpable, even concrete, and very real. And since they are not other-than-you, so do you. This is true spiritual growth, not some negative will-of-the-wisp yearning that might get it going. The real thing itself is quite palpable…” (3 edit/modif.)






Some other examples of the observed phenomena relative to the holographic vortex energy interferences are mentioned and briefly discussed below:


- 1st Law of Thermodynamics.

Holograms by definition present the energy interference patterns within which every ultimate micro-unit contains the complete pattern of its integral whole.


This equals to the lst Law of Thermodynamics which postulates that “in any process, the total energy of the universe remains constant”. This law has not been disputed by human scientists.


If thermodynamically all universe holographic interference motion patterns are contained within their integral whole than their energies have to be contained within the universe Whole-gram as well.  

The sum total of all universe holographic atomic energies INVOLUTION potential output (“out-breath”) from Paradise must equal the Paradise EVOLUTION actualized energy input (“in-breath”), or in other words, within each Paradise energy dispensing cycle (“Dispensational cycle”, Sanskrit-Yugam) the Paradise outgoing “reeled-out” involution space-force energy (dispensational “out-breath”) ripples must be equal to the incoming actualized evolutionary micro-universe energy potential “reeled in” ripples back to the Paradise (dispensational “in-breath”). 


- The universe “Red and Blue Shifts”.

The science described phenomena of universe “Red Shift” is consistent with the out-going/ “reeled out” space-force energy potential ripples from the universe source and toward the universe periphery of the increased wave-lengths (lower frequencies).

The universe “Blue Shift” is consistent with the returning, i.e. the in-coming/”reeled in” actualized energy of the decreased wave-lengths (increased frequencies) ripples from the universe periphery back to the universe/ultimately Paradise/ source.


- Light particle or wave theory.

This theory is in essence a paradox upon itself because wave and particle are both the components of the incoming/involving or outgoing/evolving light energy holographic vortex spiraling ripples emitted or received by the universe source. Presented by 2D means these multi-dimensional spirals appear as the simple waves. To study these multi-dimensional spiraling energy ripples, either as the 2D/3D waves and/or particles, is strictly dependent upon the interest of the observer.


- EPR paradox of the +/- entangled particles “intelligence” spin (Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen).

The EPR paradox postulates that the two waves-particles released from the same source at the same (dispensational) time will always know about each others motion as the +/- opposites. The measurements of an entagled state indicate that when the source that emits pairs of wave-particles, let say electrons, with one electron sent to destination A (Alice), and another sent to destination B (Bob), that each emitted electron pair occupies a mutually known quantum state called “the intelligence SPIN SINGLET”. (1, Picture 5A)




                              Picture 5A.    EPR Spin Singlet of two +/- opposites particles


This is in essence equivalent to the holographic vortex interference spin behavior of the two (+) and ( –) mirror-imaging PUMAs (Physical UltiMate Atoms). Male PUMA would be equivalent to Bob with its (+)/clockwise rotation (CW), while Female PUMA would be equivalent to Alice rotating in (-)/counter-clockwise (CCW) fashion, as visualized and previously discussed in the Papers on the www.LighttoParadise.com .


- Law of Karma (Sanskrit- Action, Deed). This term non-specifically integrates all of the above micro- and macro-universe Laws of Manifestation of the energy-energy and spirit-energy holographic vortex interactions and their resulting manifestations.



The universe creation-evolution process is the process of sharing both ways- the holographic vortex interference Paradise patterns space-energy potential download and the evolutionary experiential life actualized energy upload.

In this process the time-space universe life contributes to the actualization of the God Supreme and the God Supreme contributes back to it-Self time-space universe life.

This is a cyclical process of engagement and then release of the space energy through the holographic vortex interferences which continues throughout the entire actualization and ascension growth of the Supreme Being in Light and Life.

The connecting dimension that is usually transparent but very real--called spirit—is the dimension that is tying everyone and everything together no matter how disparate or unknown to each other they are.

The holographic vortex 1º ripples and (-1º)counter-ripples and 2º ripples and (-2º) counter-ripples etc. are all bouncing back and forth and influencing each other and only in the moments of stillness the observing subject can sense all these ripples bouncing around inside the observing mind to appreciate the interconnectedness and oneness (wholeness, holiness) of the universe life.






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