In Creator’s Image (XIX)


                            CEDOMIL VUGRINCIC, M.D., Ph.D.
                                            October 2007




The ultimate atom of physical matter (PUMA) (1, p.95), consists of a whorl or vortex of the

super-Plane next above physical, i.e. astral, and it has very definite structure, consisting of a

number of spirals, which are further made up of smaller spirillae and each of those of even finer



The teachings of the theosophical clairvoyants are giving us the principles of the formation of this

ultimate atoms of physical matter, as described in the theosophical “Occult chemistry” (2, p.22):


” In ….the construction of the ( ultimate ) atom ( “bubble” of matter ), the force flows in….the

space, and three whorls immediately appear….with their triple spiral of two and half coils, and

returning to their origin by a spiral within the atom; these are at once followed by seven finer

whorls, which following the spiral of the first three on the outer surface, and returning to their

origin by a spiral within that, flowing in the opposite direction-form the caduceus with the first three….The forces which flow in them, again come from the “outside” space. Each of the finer

spiral whorls is formed of seven yet finer ones, set successively at the right angle to each other,

each finer than its predecessor; these we call spirillae and these again of minuter spirilae.”

(Picture 2) (3, p.102)









                                   Picture 2. UltiMate Atom of Physical matter (PUMA)



The force pours in the heart-shaped depression at the top of the atom, rushes through every

spiral and spirilla and the whole atom revolves and vibrates very rapidly changing colors which

keeps flashing continuously depending upon change in the activity from one spiral to another.

The whole atom in its rapid vortical motion and vibration like a top of spirals passing round and

round the outside of the atom, and then, in at the top, forming an internal vortex, finally issuing

at the bottom, passing once more round the outside, thus forming continuous tube of force

similar in analogy to Faraday’s tube of magnetic induction creating in its motion positively and negatively electrified constituents.” (Pictures 3 A-D)







                         B        C 




               Pictures 3 A-D. Physical ultimaton as multi-D electro-magnetic induction coil


On a basis of the above PUMA vortex electro-magnetic presentation, the male and female PUMA stereo-isomers (mirror-images) would appear as in the Pictures 4 A-D below:




                                                                    +                  +


-                                      -








       Pictures 4 A-C. M-F PUMAs as holographic multi-D electro-magnetic toroid vortexes



 Let us try to understand this better by examining the energy currents within PUMAs

 toroid double solenoid body vortex beginning first with DOMINANT flows in the two:


- In “MALE” type PUMA the DOMINANT energy current is (+) to (-), i.e. DOWN-ward.     

  In “MALE” type PUMA the energy currents flow into and DESCEND from the flattened (+)

  top toward the pointed (-) PUMA end, i.e. in a DOWN-ward flow direction.

  By definition this is the DOMINANT energy charge in “MALE” type PUMA. (Picture 5)

  (The   to + direction of energy flow is NON-DOMINANT charge in “MALE” PUMA)

                                              +                                                              +     



                                              _                                                               _


              Picture 5.  “MALE” PUMA (+) to (-) energy flow as DOMINANT CHARGE



- In “FEMALE” type PUMA, as the “MALE’s” mirror image (enantiomer), the DOMINANT

  energy current is inverted (+) to (-), i.e. UP-ward (“MALE’s- to +) .

  In “FEMALE” type PUMA the energy currents flow into and ASCEND from the pointed (-)

  end toward the flattened (+) top, i.e. in a UP - ward flow direction.

  By definition this is the DOMINANT energy charge in “FEMALE” type PUMA. (Picture 6)

  (The + to direction of energy flow is NON-DOMINANT charge in “FEMALEPUMA)



                                                     -                                                        -                                                               



                                                     +                                                       +


              Picture 6. “FEMALEPUMA (-) to (+) energy flow as DOMINANT CHARGE



It is important to remember that in actuality, in each type of PUMA, always co-exist the mirror images of each energy flow although the clairvoyant Theosophist have not commented on it.


The example of the Male-Female PUMA vortexes multi-D electro-magnetic energy exchange in 3D is shown below in the Picture 7.



                             +                               -                                +                               -


                              -                               +                               -                                +






                         +                                 +                                   -                                  -


                         -                                   -                                   +                                 +  

                        +                                   -                                   +                                  -


                         -                                  +                                    -                                  +


Picture 7. Male and Female PUMAs vortex wave-particles basic dominant energy charges







In previous Papers the role of the PUMAs in the formation of the in-organic and organic physical elements has been discussed. It has been stated that various aggregations of PUMAs make the chemical atoms of the physical worlds and that these physical chemical elements are the principal energy units of the inorganic and organic planetary matter.


Physical atoms as such are the “building blocks” of the evolutionary inorganic physical non-life

forms and have only mechanical or non-teachable consciousness, while the organic life of the evolving living forms has teachable mind with potential for its expansion.








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