CEDOMIL VUGRINCIC, M.D., Ph.D.
                                             August 2010                                             



“The Word of God is Love. The enactment of the Word of God is service to your brothers

and sisters. Truly, if the Word of God is actively resident within your life, the Fruits of Spirit

are being produced in your life through the Service of Love.”


                                                                                                                Solonia, tml 5/2004



                     SOLAR MULTI-DIMENSIONALITIES – The Human Vortex


The primordial energy PUMA vortex “stem” cell mater-realizes into its universal physical “stem” cell which then becomes more specialized via its asexual (mitotic) and sexual (meiotic) divisions.

During this macro-adaptive evolutionary process the materialized lines of force do separate in their courses of function from the underlying and uniform coherent original PUMA vortex lines of force as shown below. (Pictures 1 & 2) 

In humans, for instance, the original PUMA central/axial lines of spiraling force (Pictures 1 A&B) separate and develop different body energy systems of functionality such as skeletal, circulatory, neurological etc. For instance in the skeletal body system the central column becomes the posteriorly positioned vertebral column (2A) enclosing the spinal column of the central nervous system (2B), while anteriorly the male and female energy lines become the aorta and vena cava of the central circulatory system (2C). (Pictures 2A-C)

                 A         B   

Picture 1. Human energy body vortex with its central axial column

A File:Human skeleton front en.svg BFile:TE-Nervous system diagram.svgCFile:Circulatory System en.svg (1)

Picture 2. Example of mater-realized specialized human body systems

It is quite noticable that the human upper body (upper/higher self) the materialized rib cage and the chest neuro system is defined by the PUMA’s upper hemispheric sub-vortex mater-realized energy lines. (Picture 3 A-C)

   3A   3B    3C                 

So, what can be said about the heart and its evolution?

In the macro materialized sense the heart consists of four chambers, but how did they come about? How were the four chambers formed?

In the previous Papers it has been stated that the central PUMA vortex heart chakra energy center is dimensionally “behind” the mater-realized heart center. The heart chakra (Sanskrit “Ananda-Kanda”) is the seat of the spirit 3FF (3 fold Flame Divine Spark) or the man’s connect with the divine spirit and the higher spirit-matter dimensional realities.

In the Q-A Paper #93 (July) has been stated that each of the 24 four arms of the cosmic clock HID represent the spiraling mirror image pair (enantiomer) of its in- and out-going energies looping their energy lines at both of its “ends” – the center (PHC, see below) and the periphery of its vortex spindle HID nuclear energy domain. (Pictures A-D)

The Picture 4 C,D presents the Male center to 6PM spiraling M-F energy pair of the cosmic clock of the upper (CW 24/00-23) (M) and lower (CCW 24/00-01) (F) vortex subunits (4A) which are then con-joined enantiomerically in the main HID’s equatorial (equal territorial) plane (4B). Conjoined they constitute 24 pairs on lines of force which, when materialized (matter realized), represent the 24 paired “chromosomal” lines of force.


                                Male                                      Female

                                   N                                           N (S)




                                     S                                             S (N)


Picture 4 A,B. Vortex upper and lower 24 interfering vortex HID lines of force

               6PM    ß (CW)      PHCenter            6PM         ß (CW)    PHCenter

         4C        4D

               6PM         ŕ (CCW)    PHCenter        6PM       ŕ (CCW)  PHCenter

Picture 4 C,D. Separate (4C) to conjoined (4D) enantiomeric energy lines (PHC-6PM)

Each PUMA sub-vortex cosmic clock lines of force form four (4) chambers between the cosmic clock PUMA Heart Center (PHC) > 00 midnight > 12noon > PHC and PHC > 12noon  > 12midnight > PHC which represent the four primordial heart vortex chambers. (Picture 5 A-E) /As shown above in Picture 4B and below in Picture 5 D the upper and lower sub-vortexes are the enantiomers (mirror images) with enantiomeric charges and polarities/











Two upper and two lower central 24/00midn-12noon and 12noon-24/00midn lines represent the four walls separating the four enantiomeric vortex chambers of the heart. Right upper and lower chambers (right atrium/RA and right ventricle/RV) are the receptive/recessive female chambers while the left upper (LA) and left lower (LV) are the action/dominant chambers in the male N-S axis heart. (5 D & E)

         5D     5E

Females have identical enantiomeric chambers relationship but they are the reactive energy forms and have, relative to males, N-S reactive/ receptive/ recessive vortex axes (see previous posts) and that is where human Male-Female action-reaction of LOVE exchanges originate from between these two universe dominant energy forms.






”Let us behold the Light, that through the forgiveness, finds its way into the great darkness

of this world. Perceive the Light in all your brothers and sisters by fully forgiving each other,

because it is only then that you will see their Light, know the higher Truth, and achieve the

happiness of Brotherhood.”

                                                                                   Michael of Nebadon, tml 5/2004