Questions and Answers: PAPER 100


                              CEDOMIL VUGRINCIC, M.D., Ph.D.
                                               August 2011                                            



“The Word of God is Love. The enactment of the Word of God is service to your brothers

and sisters. Truly, if the Word of God is actively resident within your life, the Fruits of Spirit

are being produced in your life through the Service of Love.”


                                                                                                                Solonia, tml 5/2004




                      SOLAR MULTI-DIMENSIONALITIES – The Human Vortex




In the previous Q-A papers has been stated that the universe of worlds operates under the strict principles of Spirits of Truth and Morality while allowing free-willed but accountable choices to all universe inhabitants. The Divinity requires human evolutions to learn responsibility and accountability by making sustainable choices in order to earn their ascension in the universe’s school of life. 

The basic universe spiritual principles have been repeatedly taught to Urantia’s humanity throughout the millennia. However, the planet Urantia of Uversa registry #5,342,482,337,666 still remains the universe spiritual laggard and at the bottom of the universal spiritual educational system. Urantians “dark elite” repeatedly refuse to implement the spiritual practices of the “Brotherhood of all Man under the Fatherhood of God” into their collective global practices while over-controlling and maintaining the human planetary evolution at a 2nd chakra Schuman’s ELF 7.83 Hz frequencies.

The humanity has been now informed that the Urantia’s frequencies will be accelerated to bring the planet to its expected place among its other universe evolutionary peers and for these reasons the planet will undergo required global changes. The Urantia’s main axial vortex frequency is being sped up thus allowing the separation and gradual breakdown of the lower 3D frequencies mater-realizations from the higher ones.

The below excerpts shine additional light on the dark Luciferian planetary past and the set future course for Urantia in order to be cleansed from its planted ascension impediments. 


“Jacinth (1, edit/modif.):…There is a large animal legacy of energy still in existence on Urantia due to the Caligastia and Lucifer rebellion, as was described at length earlier by the Melchizedeks. We are quite aware of every aspect that is still in existence regarding these energies, but make no mistake, there is a massive collective undertaking now underway involving many different personalities, human and celestial, to fully clear and remove these energies. Included in the human element are “special” and regular corps of destiny reservists involved in these aspects that may or may not include those reading this. There is “nothing under the heavens that is unknown” to the eyes of the Father. All those children of Urantia that have been oppressed by fear, confusion, and all the aspects therein shall soon feel the weight of these energies lifted.

    There is also a Morontia anomaly included in this that we are fully aware of. This is being dealt with swiftly, as there is no aspect of this that is now unknown. When this has been handled and cleared we will bring out all the details of this celestial / Morontia anomaly of rebellious energy to light to human understanding.”


Satania Local system Sovereign Lanaforge to Reflectivator #5 (2, edit/modif.):

What is the next phase of our work (on planet Urantia)?

The next phase is to eradicate the dark energies that Lucifer set up so very long ago. He knew full well that he would be removed from the scene. So, he devised a traitorous line of attack upon the helpless humans he was once in charge of overseeing. Lucifer proposed that if he could keep the children of Urantia in a self perpetuating loop of fear, anxiety and confusion, then he would succeed in keeping the majority on your planet in their own prison cells. He deduced that if he was going down, he would take as many as he could with him.

Now we have reached a very conspicuous time in Urantia’s history. We are at the forefront of amazing changes. Yet, as you can imagine the dark forces and the dark energies** that hold sway over your world do not want this. They are performing a no-holds barred attack on any person or celestial that would dare challenge the powers that be. These powers thrive on the energies of darkness, fear, anxiety, confusion, hatred, and violence to name a few. Liken it to a virus acting aimlessly to infect as much as it can. The antidote and cleansing of this virus is now in operation, as with the many
Paradise personalities alongside Christ Michael are working in love to free all of Urantia from this infection holding sway over so many.

Editor’s Note ** What is named here as, “dark forces and the dark energies” actually refers
to the energy system itself arranged in a grid formation completely encircling Urantia. Picture something in your mind like a wire mesh used in a kitchen strainer to obtain a visual picture of the grid construction. The energy flashing around the globe in all of the grid strands is encoded to be used by our mind receptors. Even the Adjutant Spirits must locate entry points on the grid to find encircuitment within each human mind, and therefore, the Adjutants themselves often bring with them some of the encoding Lucifer placed there to settle themselves into human perception.   These are programmed, life-like intelligent energies and not personalities within the energy grid.]

This dark and energetic matrix was a nefarious implanting from your former System Sovereign, Lucifer, who is no longer. It is a system that feeds in on itself in a continuous looping. Any persons that strive to break free from the constraints of these dark energies will be met by the resistance of punishment. These fear “codes” or energies set up by Lucifer will continue to fight against the light, but the light will be victorious! There was always a way to free oneself from these dark energies, but so many on your world were not able to discover this, due to the overwhelming confusion and ignorance of the light. When you connect with the Father within, that is a sure deterrent to escape from the dark fear codes that Satan and Lucifer set up as a snare against the children in their ascension inward to the Father.

Lanaforge to Reflectivator #3

These energies are being dismantled by the
Paradise Father’s love. We will now bring about the spiritual vision relayed in identifying and dismantling of these codes and the inter-workings therein. This is lodged in and has infiltrated the human subconscious of the majority of humanity still on Urantia. They have tried to impede against the morontia blending** that is a necessary process in ascension.

Editor’s Note: ** Morontia blending as it is used here refers to the development of the human soul that is being prepared for survival upon the death in the flesh of those indwelt by the Father. Attunement is hampered by the grid codes which can completely
deflect a human from the pursuit of more easily dedicating the human will to the Father’s by introducing codes which produce something called ego-bearing distractions. In this way ascension is not only delayed, but it can be destroyed if allowed to cause total disenchantment with life.]

Unknown to Reflectivator #4

Working with Reflectivator #4, we discover Fear Codes emerged from the subconscious. Correction was accomplished by intentionally moving Forgiveness energy up to illuminate the Fear Codes. Then  “MY WILL BE DONE” was focused on the codes, followed by “ALL WILL BE REVEALED”. Reflectivator #4 then saw an image of a very dark Luciferin face emerge, very evil in intent . . . . Then appeared in view the words: “ I AM THE ENGINEER OF HUMAN MISERY”. The statement radiated for a moment and then there arose a new intention stating, “ I AM THE DESTROYER OF ALL THINGS EVIL AND BLASPHEMOUS,” and almost immediately thereafter, the refreshed and cleansed section of the grid flashed: “RELEASE OF LUCIFER CODES.” This took several minutes to clear.

I remind you all that energies in operation by some can be seen in a code like fashion as a gift of spirit, as this proves to be easier to understand by the human psyche and those working on the ground in the light work involved in dismantling this energy. Children, I admonish you that this is a brave and noble universal aspect of service being undertaken by certain ones now alongside the unseen forces of light, and it is not going unnoticed on high.

Lanaforge to Reflectivator #3

The energies as you saw conveyed above were immediately identified and dismantled by the coding or energy of the Spirit of Truth and The
Paradise Fathers Love and Will. Showing this on a human level will allow those who may not understand how this energy works on a human mind. The reason I bring this information is by the orders of Michael on behalf of the Paradise Father’s request to show you all that you are loved and being cared for ever so tenderly.

I hold the office that Lucifer once occupied as System Sovereign. Therefore, I can utilize my knowledge of this office to try to convey to you all what Lucifer had implemented in his rebellious actions. There were so many traitorous acts he imposed on the humans of Urantia. Essentially the codes at work impede human free will. These codes and energies as presently established remain able to punish all who seek to defy their implementation.

This is one aspect of the energies in place that Lucifer implemented. You must remember, he was privy to information on a universal scale and was throughly knowledgeable of the actions that would be taken against him for rebelling. The celestials that joined him on Urantia then proceeded to expose the children of Urantia to things that should not have been known in the name of Lucifer. The rebel chief knew full well that the collective universe of those not in the lines with his thinking would come against him. He knew he would be attacked for what he did, and used the most despicable methods of warfare against those who rebuked him…”



Magisterial Mission Update Number 3 - Cleansing of the
Circuits -
Jun 27, 2011 -

2 Ron_Besser <> Training of Reflectivators & Implementation of Reflectivity, First Project Urantia’s Energy Grid, Released for Publication July 10, 2011



”Let us behold the Light, that through the forgiveness, finds its way into the great darkness

of this world. Perceive the Light in all your brothers and sisters by fully forgiving each other,

because it is only then that you will see their Light, know the higher Truth, and achieve the

happiness of Brotherhood.”

                                                                                   Michael of Nebadon, tml 5/2004