Questions and Answers: PAPER 63


                                                      CEDOMIL VUGRINCIC, M.D., Ph.D.
                                                                       July 2008


“The Word of God is Love. The enactment of the Word of God is service to your brothers

and sisters. Truly, if the Word of God is actively resident within your life, the Fruits of Spirit

are being produced in your life through the Service of Love.”


                                                                                                                Solonia, tml 5/2004




                       SOLAR MULTI-DIMENSIONALITIES – The Human Vortex                    






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It is timely to spend a few thoughts on capacity.


There is not a person on the planet today who utilizes their capacity to the fullest realization of their capabilities.  Of course, that is not unusual on a planet such as this, which is so backward in many ways compared to other planets at their level of development.  Other worlds have not suffered so many unfortunate upheavals in their evolutionary career.  Here the planetary prince defaulted on his sacred promises to the Almighty God, and by his, and Lucifer’s design, brought this young and developing planet into darkness and sin. Henceforth it still struggles to become free, so the inhabitants can also break free from this suffocating darkness and start working towards their fulfillment of their God-given divine blueprint.  There has been an over-much materialistic development and pursuit, and an underdevelopment and lip service to personal spirituality.


The responsibility rests within each individual, meaning, the responsibility of the gift of free will and freedom of choice.  How will you choose in life; for light or for darkness, for peace or for war, for happiness and well-being for self and others, or for increasing unhappiness? 


Remember that the power to choose is always yours.


This is entirely within your capacity, which is always enlarging according to the realization and understanding of what your responsibilities are.  It is not in the sheepish unthinking following of some dogma or greed.  No, it is in starting to ask questions and finding satisfactory answers that satisfy and nourish the soul, and a coming alive, and keeping alive, of your connection to the Power that Is.  This Power is like energy, it flows everywhere in its everywhere-ness. It is accessible to all.  What is standing in the way is lack of trust and faith.


The capacity to have faith and to have trust has never been fully utilized as it is overshadowed by uncertainty and fear.  Fear lurks everywhere, and people are being fed a steady diet of fear in the news media and the entertainment industry. 


Start thinking independently, think for yourself, and let the Spark of God within become more active in your life.  Believe that you can start listening within.  Take the time, just like you take the time to go and prepare meals and eat.  Their souls remain under-nourished for too many people, because they are being led, or they are too self-indulgent and spiritually lazy to realize that they have a mighty power for good living right within them.  I would advise each human being to take the responsibility, and the time, to learn to go within to enlarge their own listening capacity for their personal highest good, and for the good of the planet, so all may prosper, for there never is any lack when all learn to share the abundance of the planet.

(, A Lesson on Capacity, A Thought Adjuster Transmission – October 11, 2004.) 


Christ MICHAEL:  … consider it’s the natural tendency of an animal/primitive nature to expand until stopped.  Animals are territorial, and with humans this includes not only land but knowledge and religion--you’ve gone to war over disputed facts and beliefs.  You develop in a certain direction until you hit a wall--figuratively speaking.  You experience a limitation, and that is suffering.  Hopefully you learn by the experience; you find a way around the limit by understanding it. 

(Each individual recapitulates the evolution of life and civilization)   

Every individual has to recapitulate, not only as an embryo the evolution of planetary life, but as a child and adolescent the evolution of civilization.  A little two-year-old is kind-of like a small cave man walking around, and when you thwart them…thank goodness they don’t have the power or hardly a parent would survive.  This is the story here, and you are just pointing out the world is still only in the early stages of a planetary-wide united civilization.  There was an enormous miscarriage of the divine plan, and everyone is still suffering the effects of that in the disparity I mentioned.  Yet this can be overcome only one person at a time through the realization of free will fed by creative spirit.   

Never despair.  This universe was set up so individuals could learn, could take a hand in their own, progressive evolution.  You are co-creating your own life.  You are a creative part of this adventure.  You are an active component of what you are experiencing

There are great turning points looming near with respect to how you can continue using energy so wastefully.  You are beginning to speak of peak oil--the leveling off of new discoveries of crude oil and natural gas.  You notice the phenomena of global warming due partly to carbon dioxide buildup in the atmosphere faster than the plant life can use.  There is no other way than conservation but, beyond that, what we call spiritual generosity--curbing your own greed and waste so others might simply live.  This is part of God’s law, this Social Darwinism that comes into effect following basic physical limitations you do well to respect.  These considerations are another aspect of loving your neighbors as yourself It is the only way outYou can choose to share your wealth, or be driven to it.  (excerpts, edit/modif. Michael--April 7, 2008 - NYTRAYN@MSN.COM Marin TM Group--Mill Valley, California--U.S.A.,


In the recent May 21, 2008 post (Nebadonia April 21, 2008,, archives), Nebadonia has stated the following about the evolving planetary Social Darwinism (Teaching Mission archives - Nebadonia, 4-21-08, "...It is in everyone’s free will, limited by those very determinisms we’ve been teaching about.  The only way out, ever, is by way of individual creativity, and that is spirit.  There does not need to be any greater cataclysm than what is happening already, just awareness of it.  People can exercise enormous adaptability by choice before being pushed to it.  But the Social Darwinism we mentioned is a fundamental effect that comes into being in the absence of wisdom of choiceIf people do not choose the right way, the inexorable demands of a cosmic-wide general evolution will enforce it; the right way for you and everyone else is always present as an eternal outpouring of possibility, of God’s...

...Where to begin?  The essence of the Lucifer manifesto--which you can read for the first time in history, in your Urantia book--is the identification with what you’ve come to call ego, the self-reflection of the smaller part of your consciousness, devoid of true spiritual perception and humility.  Ones ego does serve a valuable function of self awareness, but the elevation of this only partial aspect of a person’s being to supremacy was and remains a tragic mistake.  Because you are, as well as Lucifer was, spiritual beings, there is a fundamental flaw in this identification, in this partiality, elevating the part over the whole personality, spirit, and soul--co-authored by a fragment of God himself.  This leads to building oneself and ones empires on illusions, ego-generated illusions and desires of grandeur.  True, enduring growth is elsewhere.   

To sustain the ego-feeling of oneself growing larger is difficult because you‘ve thrown away, disregarded, disenfranchised, refused to develop the most creative part of yourself.  Instead of having an inner connection with your more absolute and transcendent self, your God-given unique personality and your soul, even the presence of God within you, you go for the outwardly and more temporal/time-limited, only relative power of being more powerful than your fellows.  This is the essential flaw.  It follows down to today right from the beginning with families, then tribes, then city-states and nations.  There always have been those individuals who have acknowledged power within the family or tribe as well as in the inter-tribal/social competition for land, resources, ideas, Gods--ways of life.  This is still going on. 

This incessant warfare on so many levels of living has been the natural state right from the beginning, the planet being devoid of actual spiritual beings in residence; in other words, a real, loyal Planetary Prince and his whole staff who could help humans get in contact with the divine essence within them.  This has been the Luciferic result--to use your words; this two hundred thousand years of incessant warfare.  Even the size of the conflicts has kept increasing up until about fifty years ago when, in the Second World War, the energy of the sun was brought to earth over your fellow human beings at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  You put your long-sought and hoped-for physical transcendence of the material--demonstrating that all material is a form of energy--you put this discovery to work to incinerate tens of thousands of other people... 

...Secrecy--secret knowledge and ability is power, inherent in competition and warfare--in political power, so there always have been those smaller groups of men and women who controlled the larger group with whom they did not share their secrets.  There always has been espionage--trying to ferret out the competition’s, the enemy’s intentions and abilities.  Yet too there always have been saints, those men and women who gave their lives to their fellows, supported by their own inner strength of spiritual connection.  This is another competition, between worldly power and spiritual power.  What you call secret societies are not denied so much as accepted as a matter of course by way of real-politic notions that the relationship of nation-states is fundamentally one raw power, that war and the threat of war is really what determines their relative positions.  It is generally accepted then that within each nation/state there are dozens upon dozens of levels of secrecy peopled by individuals who each have their own interests as well as collective ones: tactics and strategy..."












        (1 excerpts, edit/modif.)






Mind, as the holographic vortex interference phenomena between spirit and matter, is the

organized consciousness which is not wholly subject to material gravity. For instance, human

mind becomes truly liberated when modified by spirit whereby spirit realities become

experiential to human personalities which can than co-ordinate things, ideas and universe

spiritual values. Unfortunately, human mind has been manipulated by many “from below”

rulers in order to take the advantage of each other and to control the other humans.





“We will take a look at those who opt to operate outside the collective consciousness -- not just rebels, but free-thinkers, intellectuals, artists, original thinkers excluding professional religionists.  You yourself are in a position to move men's minds! One voice is able to do that.  


But, in order to lead, in order to forge the course of destiny, you must face the frightening discovery of your self.  That is intimidating because the self in your world is understood as the "ego self" where the idea of self is seen as evil -- this is a reflection more of what was than what is becoming, or even understanding what the potential might be!


It is so much easier to remain one of the pack, to immerse yourself in the great collective consciousness of humanity, the detached, the uninvolved -- a single drop in the ocean of infinity -- which autonomy is very, very comforting. It is even worshipped. Eventually man, as a free will agent, will muster the courage to be an independent entity, apart from the masses. 


We will discuss this further, but suffice it to say that for anyone to step out of the FEAR and SHAME OF MIND CONDITIONING requires an understanding of what you will have to face and deal with; otherwise, you would simply scurry right back into the thickness, the 3rd density of the human soup.”





“The revolutions of history have occurred because there are those who rise up against the status quo, against those who are holding them oppressed. Yet the ones in power want those who are under them to stay under them … mindless, inconsequential and inert. And those who become vocal about 'self' are a threat.

Shame is a tool used by those in power to keep their people asleep and obedient. Shame is one of the most debilitating powers that can be used by your society to keep you in check and to keep you from having appropriate self-esteem, self-respect and self-love.

I will give you an assignment but it is a difficult assignment. The fact may have slipped past you completely because it is so insidious, but if you are astute, you can see how your own society has enabled itself to stay in the mechanism of its own gears as a result of the clever use of shame, of keeping you down, keeping you in place.

We want to break you out of those constraints; you want to become self-acting individuals. Indeed, you want to be "all that you can be" and you cannot be all that you can be if you belittle yourself or others through shaming techniques, even  unconscious shaming techniques, so it behooves you to be aware of how shame is a large part of your social construct.

Thoroah: Especially for people who want to please people.

BOB: Especially?  In discussing "people-pleasers" you open the door to another study of self-effacement or of deference. But yes, that attitude of seeking to please influences greatly; it is mostly unconscious, in many ways unnecessary. Those who are more willful or self-contained are also subject to the assault of shame. Either way shame invades consciousness and destroys healthy will. It is a form of Anti-Christ.

Almost all oppression is a result of being a FEAR-based or SHAME-based personality. ("Thou Shalt Not") If you can get to the root of the fear and the shame, you have a great chance of breaking out of the constraints of the conditioning that holds you in its grasp, mocking your potential.

So let's take a look at that this week. And as you study this, and see how the powers-that-be or the would-be-controllers utilize shame to accomplish their purpose, to get their needs met, you will see why a new interpretation is essential. You will have a far better appreciation of how the spirit of understanding can help you maneuver your way through the animal kingdom and on up to the realm of the will.

While you are burrowed in the belly of the second chakra, you are only one of the many. You have not found your individuality, nor have you expressed your uniqueness, but you have merely survived along with all of the rest of humanity, indeed with the rest of the animal kingdom. 

But lest you think that's not a noteworthy accomplishment, think again. The very act of survival on such a world as this is an accomplishment.  And yet your destiny is so much more than to merely survive! The potential of sonship is such that you are encouraged to not only seek to find your own level of awareness, but that with this awareness you will be able to reach back and help others attain self-hood also.

Self-hood is potential sonship. It thus gives you the opportunity to be a midwife, as it were, in helping bring reality into being, by helping individuals to step up and out of the bowels of existence into the realm of individuation.” 

Because the majority of humanity is still God faithless, asleep and fearful while enslaved by its planetary mammon Cabal, it is for these reasons considered to be still at the low stages of the 2nd chakra/vortex awakening (Mind Spirit of Understanding) of their human spirit-mind-energy evolution. (Pictures 2 A-C)




                    Picture 2A. Seven central coil/spine Chakras-Spirit Adjutants inter-play (2)




           2B       2C      (4)






“So now we are found on the plateau of the third chakra where man has risen above the crowd, who has stepped out of mono-mono into individuation. The counter-part in terms of adjutant mind spirits is what?


Thoroah: I think it would be courage.


BOB: The spirit of courage, yes, and as mentioned before, it does take courage to step out from the crowd. This is indeed the seat of the people-pleasing syndrome you get caught up in. You cannot please yourself if you are busy pleasing others. And while there is supreme merit in self-forgetfulness and turning the other cheek, the humility often assumed in Christianity is often in error.  It is essential that you accept yourself as an entity in and of yourself, in order to begin to recognize your own uniqueness.  And thus you can learn to demonstrate the unique aspects of divine personality that are appropriate to you and you alone.


Thoroah: Boy, is that true! They do practice that. It struck me when I was in Bible School.  It was as if they were trying to deny me my individuality and my individual relationship to God.


BOB: Your self-hood.


Thoroah:         Yes. They were trying to buy my Self.


BOB: A part of this, as you might understand, is from the old ways - very old, ancient cultures - when the priesthood was the only allowable way to commune with the gods. It was necessary to keep the masses ignorant as the priesthood assumed the role of conscious godliness. This is one of the things in which your Teachers are involved, in this process of telling you and teaching you how much you are loved and how you are unique. This is different programming than the global programming that you will need to outgrow or erode over time. Perhaps this vantage point that we are taking you through, looking at the development of selfhood as an armature of the chakra system and the seven adjutant minds spirits, can give you a different study angle.


This could be an assignment for you, to see for yourself how many individuals are kept in place by the "wisdom" of their elders, how personalities are submerged and squelched, how they are drugged or oppressed, or how they are comforted and manipulated with food, creature comforts, pleasures of the flesh, promises of security, or a false sense of security in order to maintain the status quo and their place therein.


For you see, without an evolved and God-conscious frame of reference, any and all who push their way further forward into the I AM are in their own self-motivation. This is how it is that we get rulers who are skilled at leading the masses by way of the media, as we discussed earlier.


And again the teachers are hoping to, intending, working toward altering that reality and assisting you in serving the Father's ends in moving the masses into a more honorary mind-set. This is rightfully a branch of a University for it involves Education, and not merely mental education, but soulful education ~ the kind of education that you 'know' in your heart. However, the heart will come in our lesson next week.


Today we are looking at the lower level 'I am' ~ the 'I am' prior to the third Eye 'I AM' of God-consciousness.  We are looking at the personality expressions of the human being. Here we see the root of human self-esteem and self-respect. Here we aspire to relegate fear and shame as mere shadows and not as primary movers.”






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”Let us behold the Light, that through the forgiveness, finds its way into the great darkness

of this world. Perceive the Light in all your brothers and sisters by fully forgiving each other,

because it is only then that you will see their Light, know the higher Truth, and achieve the

happiness of Brotherhood.”

                                                                                   Michael of Nebadon, tml 5/2004