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                              CEDOMIL VUGRINCIC, M.D., Ph.D.
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“The Word of God is Love. The enactment of the Word of God is service to your brothers

and sisters. Truly, if the Word of God is actively resident within your life, the Fruits of Spirit

are being produced in your life through the Service of Love.”


                                                                                                                Solonia, tml 5/2004




                      SOLAR MULTI-DIMENSIONALITIES – The Human Vortex







Life Carriers are the integral part of the planetary life formulation, initiation, propagation and custodianship and for these reasons it is very important to understand their role in the evolutionary process of the planetary life.

In the Urantia Book we find (1, edit/modif.):

36:0.1 Life does not originate spontaneously. Life is constructed according to plans formulated by the (unrevealed) Architects of Being and appears on the inhabited planets either by direct importation or as a result of the operations of the Life Carriers of the local universes.

36:3.1 …The Life Carriers must initiate life on the barren planets. They are the carriers, disseminators, and guardians of life as it appears on the evolutionary worlds of space.  


36:1.1 Though the Life Carriers belong to the family of divine sonship, they are a peculiar and distinct type of universe Sons, being the only group of intelligent life in a local universe in whose creation the rulers of a superuniverse participate. The Life Carriers are the offspring of three pre-existent personalities: the Creator Son, the Universe Mother Spirit, and, by designation, one of the three Ancients of Days presiding over the destinies of the superuniverse concerned. These Ancients of Days, who alone can decree the extinction of intelligent life, participate in the creation of the Life Carriers, who are intrusted with establishing physical life on the evolving worlds.

36:1.3 Life Carriers are graded into three grand divisions: The first division is the senior Life Carriers, the second, assistants, and the third, custodians. The primary division is subdivided into twelve groups of specialists in the various forms of life manifestation. The segregation of these three divisions was effected by the Melchizedeks, who conducted tests for such purposes on the Life Carriers' headquarters sphere. The Melchizedeks have ever since been closely associated with the Life Carriers and always accompany them when they go forth to establish life on a new planet.


In the Salvingtons circuit of Nebadon there are seven constructed primary Life Carriers worlds which are designated as follows:

World Number One ------ The Life Carrier headquarters.

World Number Two ------ The life-planning sphere.

World Number Three ---- The life-conservation sphere.

World Number Four ------ The sphere of life evolution.

World Number Five ------- The sphere of life associated with mind.

World Number Six -------- The sphere of mind and spirit in living beings.

World Number Seven ----- The sphere of unrevealed life.

36:2.3 World Number One, the headquarters sphere, together with its six tributary satellites, is devoted to the study of universal life, life in all of its known phases of manifestation. Here is located the college of life planning, wherein function teachers and advisers from Uversa and Havona, even from Paradise. And I am permitted to reveal that the seven central emplacements of the adjutant mind-spirits are situated on this world of the Life Carriers.

36:2.4 The number ten—the decimal subdivisions or multiples system—is inherent in the physical universe. The spiritual domain of life is characterized by three, seven, and twelve or by multiples and combinations of these basic numbers. There are three primal and essentially different life plans, after the order of the three Paradise Sources and Centers, and in the universe of Nebadon these three basic forms of life are segregated on three different types of planets. There were, originally, twelve distinct and divine concepts of transmissible life. This number twelve, with its subdivisions and multiples, runs throughout all basic life patterns of all seven superuniverses. There are also seven architectural types of life design, fundamental arrangements of the reproducing configurations of living matter. The Orvonton superuniverse life patterns are configured as twelve inheritance carriers. The differing orders of will creatures are configured as 12, 24, 48, 96, 192, 384, and 768.

On Urantia there are forty-eight units of pattern controltrait determiners—in the sex cells of human reproduction.

36:2.5 World Number Two is the life-designing sphere; here all new modes of life organization are worked out. While the original life designs are provided by the Creator Son, the actual outworking of these plans is intrusted to the Life Carriers and their associates. When the general life plans for a new world have been formulated, they are transmitted to the headquarters sphere, where they are minutely scrutinized by the supreme council of the senior Life Carriers in collaboration with a corps of consulting Melchizedeks. If the plans are a departure from previously accepted formulas, they must be passed upon, and endorsed by, the Creator Son. The chief of Melchizedeks often represents the Creator Son in these deliberations.

36:2.7 There are over one million fundamental or cosmic chemical formulas which constitute the parent patterns and the numerous basic functional variations of life manifestations. Satellite number one of the life-planning sphere is the realm of the universe physicists and electrochemists who serve as technical assistants to the Life Carriers in the work of capturing, organizing, and manipulating the essential units of energy (Spiriual UltiMate Atoms/SUMAs and electronic Morontia UltiMate Atoms/MUMAs) which are employed in building up the material Physical UltiMate Atom/PUMA vortex vehicles of life transmission, the so-called germ plasm.

36:2.8 The planetary life-planning laboratories are situated on the second satellite of this world number two. In these laboratories the Life Carriers and all their associates collaborate with the Melchizedeks in the effort to modify and possibly improve the life designed for implantation on the decimal planets of Nebadon.

The life now evolving on Urantia was planned and partially worked out on this very world, for Urantia is a decimal planet, a life-experiment world. On one world in each ten a greater variance in the standard life designs is permitted than on the other (nonexperimental) worlds.

36:2.9 World Number Three is devoted to the conservation of life. Here various modes of life protection and preservation are studied and developed by the assistants and custodians of the Life Carrier corps. The life plans for every new world always provide for the early establishment of the life-conservation commission, consisting of custodian specialists in the expert manipulation of the basic life patterns.

On Urantia there were twenty-four such custodian commissioners, two for each fundamental or parent pattern of the architectural organization of the life material.

On your planet the highest form of life is reproduced by a life-carrying bundle which possesses twenty-four pattern units. (And since the physical intellectual life grows out of, and upon the foundation of, the physical, there come into existence the four and twenty basic orders of psychic organization.)

36:2.10 World Number Four and its tributary satellites are devoted to the study of the evolution of creature life in general and to the evolutionary antecedents of any one life level in particular.

The original life plasm of an evolutionary world must contain the full potential for all future developmental variations and for all subsequent evolutionary changes and modifications (by and through the SUMAóMUMAóPUMA).

36:2.11 World Number Five is concerned wholly with life associated with mind. Each of its satellites is devoted to the study of a single phase of creature mind correlated with creature life.

Mind such as man comprehends is an endowment of the seven adjutant mind-spirits superimposed on the non-teachable or mechanical levels of mind by the agencies of the Infinite Spirit.

The life patterns are variously responsive to these adjutants and to the different spirit ministries operating throughout the universes of time and space.

The capacity of material creatures to effect spirit response is entirely dependent on the associated mind endowment, which, in turn, has directionizes (direction realizes) the course of the biologic evolution of the mortal creatures.

36:2.12 World Number Six is dedicated to the correlation of mind with spirit as they are associated with living forms and organisms. This world and its six tributaries embrace the schools of creature co-ordination, wherein teachers from both the central universe and the superuniverse collaborate with the Nebadon instructors in presenting the highest levels of creature attainment in time and space.

36:2.13 World Number Seven of the Life Carriers is dedicated to the unrevealed domains of evolutionary creature life as it is related to the cosmic philosophy of the expanding factual realization of the Supreme Being.


36:3.2 The corps of Life Carriers commissioned to plant life upon a new world usually consists of one hundred senior carriers, one hundred assistants, and one thousand custodians.

The Life Carriers often carry actual life plasm to a new world, but not always. They sometimes organize the life patterns after arriving on the planet of assignment in accordance with formulas previously approved for a new adventure in life establishment. Such was the origin of the planetary life of Urantia.

36:3.3 When, in accordance with approved formulas, the physical patterns have been provided (Male and Female PUMA vortex energy patterns by the Physical Controllers), then do the Life Carriers catalyze this lifeless material, imparting through their persons the vital spirit spark; and forthwith do the inert patterns become living matter.

36:3.4 The vital spark—the mystery of life—is bestowed through the Life Carriers, not by them.

They do indeed supervise such transactions, they formulate the life plasm itself, but it is the Local Universe Mother Spirit who supplies the spark ignition, the essential factor of the living plasm. From the Creative Daughter of the Infinite Spirit comes that energy spark which enlivens /i(g)nites, spark ignition realizes/ the body and presages the mind.

36:3.5 In the bestowal of life the Life Carriers transmit nothing of their personal natures, not even on those spheres where new orders of life are projected. At such times they simply initiate and transmit the spark of life, start the required revolutions of matter in accordance with the physical, chemical, and electrical specifications of the ordained plans and patterns. Life Carriers are living catalytic presences which agitate, organize, and vitalize the otherwise inert elements of the material order of existence.



Although the original planetary life designs are provided by the Creator Son of the Local Universe, such as the Christ Michael of Nebadon, the actual outworking and execution of these plans is intrusted to the morontia Life Carriers and their associates.


 The outworking of life plans and designs for life on the “normal planets” (nine out of ten) are performed on the satellite number one of the Life Carriers life-planning sphere World Number Two, where the various essential Spiritual UltiMate Atoms (SUMAs) are captured by the morontia scientists into the electronic Morontia UltiMate Atoms (MUMAs) which are then utilized to build the “custom made” material PUMA vortex energy vehicle of life transmission (the “germ-seed” PUMA vortex) which is then carried by LCs to the destined planets and used for the initiation, germination and propagation of the “custom made” (the standard type) planetary evolutionary life.


On the decimal or life-experiment planets (one out of ten), such as the Urantia, the initial life planning and formulation was done on the Life Carrier Worlds but the life initiation and the rest of life formulation, outworking and supervision was done on the planet itself.

For this purpose the Physical Controllers (PCs) have provided the suitable PUMA vortex energy vehicles at the three designated ocean bays locations where the planetary life was initiated through the LCs and into which the morontia formulated life plans and concepts were projected and thereafter supervised by the Life Carriers.


This type of the life pattern projection by and through the Life Carriers into the planetary PUMA life-germ vortex vehicle, rather than using the “custom made” (standard design) PUMA vehicle, gives more latitude and variance of the more open (although design limited) evolution of the planetary life, comparing to the standard “custom made” vortex “germ-bundle”, and thus the planets such as Urantia are called – the experimental or decimal worlds.  


And it was 500 million years ago that these three life implantations by Life Carriers (LCs) into the Central (Eurasian-African), Eastern (Austral-Asian) and Western (Greenland-American) gave birth to the first primitive marine vegetable life forms on Urantia.





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”Let us behold the Light, that through the forgiveness, finds its way into the great darkness

of this world. Perceive the Light in all your brothers and sisters by fully forgiving each other,

because it is only then that you will see their Light, know the higher Truth, and achieve the

happiness of Brotherhood.”

                                                                                   Michael of Nebadon, tml 5/2004